A guided plan to visit the south and center of the island

  1. Enjoy the great view from the famous Maconde Rock
  2. Rochester fall is a natural waterfall where you can have a nice swim in the nature
  3. Gris Gris is a viewpoint with big cliffs and open sea
  4. After the huge waves hit la roche qui pleure and start coming down,it looks like a crying rock
  5. Old colonial house of St Aubin
  6. The traditional rum factory
  7. Discover how vanilla grows
  8. The crocodile park with its variety of animals and insects
  9. visit the tea factory and enjoy tea tasting in a unique atmosphere
  10. The holy lake surrounded by the Hindu temples and the 108 feet high statue of lord Shiva.
  11. Alexandra falls,panorama over the south coast
  12. Black river gorges,panorama over the west coast
  13. Chamarel with its pineapple and coffee plantations,seven colored earth and 100 meters high waterfall
  14. End your journey admiring the nice sunset over Benitier Island and Baywatch

Enjoy this tour during your stay at Baywatch with our Taxi/guide